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January is National Mentoring Month!

How can you participate?
Follow our social media or put these dates in your calendar:

Jan 4th #IAmAMentor - Share on your social media a pictur or video about how a mentee has enriched your life!

Jan 17th #InternationalMentoringDay - Post and share videos via social media about mentoring, why is it important or just having fun!

Jan 25th #ThankYourMentor - Post and share videos to thank the mentors in your life that helped who become who you are!

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 Be Active!

Join the Committee at the Cardboard Cafe from 6:00 to 7:30pm on January 30th (Limit 10 matches)

RSVP to Allison 

Holiday Appeal

Thanks to our generous donors who responded to our appeal over the Holiday Season.

We were able to raise: $20,375

Thank you for donating and making our programs and community impact possible!


ImaginationStation Museum London January 7th
More Info here

Free Tours at the Museum January 21st
More Info here

Nature in the City at Wolf Performance Hall January 16th
More Info Here 

Public Stargazing Night Cronyn Observatory 
More Info Here
Big Bash 2018!

Tickets are now on sale for the 2018 Big Bash! Join us as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary.
Tickets are sale now
just click here! 

We will need volunteers for Big Bash, watch for more information in February or
contact Allison to register now!

Art Activity of the Month! Chalk Popsicles!

Time: 45 min

Supplies: (**Recipe below is per color, make as much as you need per how many colored popsicles you make)

- 1/2 Cup + 3 Tablespoons of Plaster of Paris, - 1/3 Cup of water, few drops of food coloring (or you can also use tempera paint), Popsicle silicone mold (this is the one we used), large popsicle sticks, plastic cups and spoons

1. Gather your materials - plaster, water, food coloring. 

2. Use one plastic cup per color and mix the plaster and water until a paste forms, it will resemble frosting. Mix in the food coloring until you get the desired color you like.

3. Using a plastic spoon, place the plaster mix inside the mold, add a popsicle stick in the middle, placing down as far as possible. 

4. After 45 minutes, the popsicle chalks were hard enough to take out of the silicone molds. Allow them to dry upright in a cup until they are completely hardened. We did end up using them just a few hours after they were made, but you could wait until the next day to make absolutely sure. 

We wanted to take a moment to congratulate new matches!

We wish you all the best!
Brittanie and Alyhendra
Matthew and Omarl
Riley and Michael
Andrea and Rose
Matthew and Jayden